9mm Revolver – A Guarantee of Your Safety

9mm Revolver – A Guarantee of Your Safety

Personal security comes first, and nothing can be a better companion than a 9mm revolver. A 9mm revolver is a reliable firearm that won’t desert you in hard times. Delta Weapon Store brings you a detailed study of this gun.

9mm Revolver – An Introduction

It is a question of great importance to decide which firearm to choose for yourself. Many people are confused about whether they should go for a shotgun, a rifle, a pistol, or a revolver. Many feel that revolver is an outdated choice. But this is not the case, we recommend going for a revolver.

There are many reasons behind this choice. Each of the mentioned firearms is a better choice based on the background of the user. While in contrast, a revolver is the only choice that is versatile and can be used by anyone. A 9mm revolver is the best choice for you, especially charter arms 9mm revolver. It is a choice that will prove its fidelity until the last bullet is fired.

Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm revolver is a versatile firearm that can be reliable. Charter Arms 9mm is a rimless revolver that is available at different arms stores. Like the rest of the Pitbull family, it has a 5 shot cylinder which adds to the efficiency of this revolver. It works in the same manner, as other charter arms, do like it has the same cartridge extractor assembly system. It has a dual coil spring assembly.

Charter Arms 9mm is the best choice for shooters because of its range and precision in the shooting. It is available at economic prices and can be availed online. Delta Weapon Store ensures that you receive arms of your choice at your doorsteps. You can order a Pitbull 9mm revolver from our online store and enjoy using it.

Features of 9mm Revolver

Pitbull 9mm revolver is a choice firearm that can be used for a range of shooting purposes. You can use it for personal safety, it can be used by government officials, can be of aid in public safety, etc. It is because of the features that it can be used reliably for a range of purposes. The main feature of this revolver is the dual coil spring assembly. This assembly is located near the extractor. It can be used for both insertions of the cartridge and its extraction.

Each chamber retains the used cartridge and can be removed once the shooter is done with the firing of the shots. These are easy to eject, and the user can refill the chambers without any problem. It provides the easy option of immediate reloading. The shooter won’t have to wait for the tedious reloading of the revolver. The ammo of the 9mm revolver is readily available and the user won’t face any problems fetching it. It can be availed from arms and ammo stores personally or you can order it online. Both methods are convenient, and you will get the ammo easily.

The model of this 9mm revolver is 79920 and is in ‘Matte’ finish. Its frame is made up of stainless steel and you can use it without worries of losing color. Its grip is made up of neoprene. The barrel length is 2.2″ and the capacity is 5 shots. The caliber as evident from the name is 9mm. The hammer of 9mm is spurred. It is not too heavy to be carried and weighs 22 oz., which is convenient for portability.

Charter arms ensure that the user gets this revolver at the possibly best affordable price. They have kept the price to a bare minimum of $520.80, which is reasonable for a revolver of this-like features.

Benefits of 9mm Revolver

There are a lot of advantages of a 9mm revolver in comparison to arms of the same caliber and competition. It has more power to recoil and reloads faster than those in competition with it. The ammo available for 9mm is available at a relatively cheap price in comparison to its competitors. This makes it much economical for those who want to save money on arms and ammo. It has moon clips that make it easy in handling.

Its size ensures that you carry with you enough amount of ammo. It is a flexible firearm and can be used for various purposes.

The Final Word:

In short, a 9mm revolver is the best option for you. Grab the opportunity and purchase it from Delta Weapon Store at discount prices.

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