Shotguns and Specialty Shotgun Ammo Types Used in Them – An Overview

Shotguns are one of the most useful arms. They have various uses in comparison to other guns. We have brought ammo 101 for you to acquaint with them. Here we go!

Shotguns – An Intro

A shotgun is a long-barreled gun that is used to shoot different types of ammunition like cartridges, slugs, etc. Shotguns show many efficient results in comparison to other guns in the use of the aforementioned ammunition. The most common types of shotguns that are used are 12 bores and 20 bores, though there are various other bores available in the market.

The designs and functions of shotguns are different. They need a different ammo 101 but we will give a brief intro here. Some shotguns have double barrels, some have repeating features, while others are single-shot ones. The control features vary in modern shotguns. Some are semi-automatic, pump-action, lever-action, or fully automatic shotguns.

There are different types of shotguns available in the market on the basis of the number of features available in them. Likewise, there are specialty shotgun ammo types for each of these shotguns. Currently, the most used are three which are break-action, semi-automatic, and pump-action. Usually, standard shotguns come with smoothbores and can be used for various purposes.

Based on the shotgun the size of the pellet varies and the user has to select one that fits their needs. The classification of shotguns is made based on various factors. These include by ones like gauges and actions. Gauge refers to the determination of weight that is determined in pounds and is used in the sphere of the shotgun slug or the lead ball. Another type is based on action, which refers to two types of actions.

These actions are break-action, semi-automatic, and pump-action. It refers to the type of loading, firing, and ejection of the cartridge. Break action is the simplest and oldest type of shotguns. It can be opened at the middle point to insert or eject the cartridge. The pump action is those which have the capability to hold multiple rounds. These are loading by pumping.

The final type of them is semi-automatic. These are almost non-manual. In these shotguns, when the user pulls the trigger, firing, ejection, and chambering of new shell take place simultaneously. The user doesn’t have to work on all these.

Uses of Shotguns

What are shotguns used for? Shotguns have widespread use and can be used in a number of areas. These include personal safety, hunting, sports purposes, professional shooting, and personal security. In each of these cases, they have proven to be most effective. If a professional user of arms is asked about their choice, they would preferably go for shotguns.

The reason behind it is the reliability and combination of features. Unlike long and short-barreled arms, it hasn’t just the features of a single type. Rather it combines the features of both and makes an ideal gun. Thus, it can be used like both short and long-barreled guns. The complexity of design varies from simple to semi-automatic guns. Though the automatic ones might face problems like jamming, maintenance issues, etc.

Based on the features, shotguns can be used without the fear of failure. In comparison to other guns, these are more reliable and can be used without any worries.

Specialty Shotgun Ammo Types

The ammo type varies from gun to gun. You can’t use the same type of ammo for every gun. Like there are 12 gauge specialty rounds for 12 gauge shotguns, these can’t be used in 20 gauge shotguns. Likewise, that any other gauge can’t be used in 12 gauge.

The same holds true for shotguns where there are specialty shotgun ammo types. These include birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. There are different types in each of these categories which can be used for different purposes. The ammo used in shotguns is also purpose-oriented and shows what is the purpose behind its use.

There are slugs used for those type of game which can’t be hunted with pellets. Ball and chain shotgun shells are used in case of those games where a single ball won’t work because of the size of the ball. The various types of slugs have come into the market with the same idea.

Precautions regarding Some Ammo

Some ammo is not legal in some states, so beware of the regulations of your state when you are purchasing ammunition. Like ball and chain shells are not permitted in many states, few allow its use.